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For INFORMATION and APPLICATIONS visit the webpage:

or DOWNLOAD the Depliant featuring all rules:


Due to the enormous uncertainties related to the global Covid-19 emergency and the various bans still in force in many countries around the world, we have unwillingly decided to postpone the event to a date to be set between spring and summer 2021.

We believe that this is the right and wise decision. 

We hope to be able to communicate the new dates as soon as possible. 

We are also pleased to announce that, due to this dates shift, we will be happy to accept the registration requests of those who (many) were excluded due to lack of places.

We are ready to organize an event that will have a longer duration and more


Those who have already registered for the Master Class as effective participants will be GUARANTEED the place already acquired.

The safety of our participants is our top priority.

Contact us for any information at the email:

A big thanks to Prof. Pina Costa and Prof. Elisa Maugeri for their kindness and willingness to organize this wonderful cultural event!

Stay safe..!!



Poster1 PETRALIA.jpg

Enjoy some excerpts from the International Piano Master Class in Rome with the wonderful Ukrainian talent Alina Shevchenko!

Petralia annual course with Cappellani's
Daniele Petralia Master Class at Prestige Performances School of Music

Presented by

Prestige Performances School
of Music

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Daniele Petralia Corso di Alto Perfezionamento Pianistico Accademia Europea AEMAS

Enjoy some wonderful excerpts from the International Piano Master Class in Naples..!!

Daniele Petralia Master Class in San Marino

Excerpts from a wonderful Class in San Marino!

Showing ticks and trips on the Prokofiev Piano Sonata n. 3

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